[EMAIL PROTECTED](serge pecher)  07.02.08 00:23

>>For who knows french, there is an interresting thread about udev on
>>the dvbkivabien forum. I did use it to have my nexus always as
>>primary device


>"Vous devez tre inscrit et connect pour pouvoir consulter le contenu
>de ce forum."

>I assume in english this would be translated as "forget it" :-(

>Not at all, you just need to register !

Yes, i understand french but:

I don't register just to read something.
What for should it be good?

Too that "noread" locks search engines out.
Why should i want to write to a forum when my posting can't be found
by others with the same problem?

Thanks, anyway. Nice try.
Maybe you can forward the data you think which would solve the problem.

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