Kartsa schrieb:
> What different wakeupmethods are there? I've built a few vdr boxes and 
> I've been forced to use different motherboards and they do not all work 
> the same. I've used nvram-wakeup on some and acpi on others when 
> nvram-wakeup has not worked. Now I have Biostar 945GZ 775 SE with which 
> I'm having trouble in starting on timers.
> What methods are people using with VDR?
I'm using nvram-wakeup too, but have to reboot one time after setting 
the timer with nvram-wakeup. This reboot then automatically stops the 
system with a special shutdown entry in grub. Without the reboot the 
timer is just ignored...

System is Debian with Linux 2.6.22-2-amd64, VDR 1.5.14, Mainboard 
Gigabyte M61P-S3.

Greetings, Stefan

PS: First post after lurking for years, YESSS... ;-)

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