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> On Tuesday 12 February 2008, Kartsa wrote:
>> So some say wakeup must be enabled in bios and some that it must be
>> disabled. Tried both with writing twice to /proc/acpi/alarm. Still no luck.
>> Any other suggestions? Anybody?
> BIOS updates?
Had enough with this and left it yesterday evening. On the morning it 
was up. It came to me that system clock is using UTC time :) So I made a 
new testscript.
now=`date +%s`
nexttime=`expr $now - 7200` #take back a couple of hours
nextboot=`date -d "1970-01-01 UTC $nexttime sec +$delay min" +"%Y-%m-%d 
echo $nextboot > /proc/acpi/alarm
echo $nextboot > /proc/acpi/alarm
echo "Now       "`date "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"`
echo "Start time "`cat /proc/acpi/alarm`
echo "Restart in 5 sec"
shutdown -h -t 5 now
After 3 minutes it was running again. But this aproach (replace now with 
vdr shutdown info) creates a (one hour) problem when summer time comes. 
Doesnt it?

Oh, and there is no bios for the board (well there is but just the one I 
already have).

Here is a quote from the manual:
"APM Support
These AWARD BIOS supports Version 1.1&1.2 of the Advanced Power 
Management (APM) specification. Power management features are 
implemented via the System Management Interrupt (SMI). Sleep and Suspend 
power management modes are supported. Power to the hard disk drives and 
video monitors can be managed by this AWARD BIOS.
ACPI Support
Award ACPI BIOS support Version 1.0b of Advanced Configuration and Power 
interface specification (ACPI). It provides ASL code for power 
management and device configuration capabilities as defined in the ACPI 
specification, developed by Microsoft, Intel and Toshiba."

ACPI is selectable between 1.0 and 1.0b. Is there some significant 


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