On 02/17/08 01:19, Rainer Zocholl wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED](Klaus Schmidinger)  16.02.08 16:54
>>> vdr:/var/lib/vdr# cat timers.conf | grep -n -e "\-S:2000:" -e
>>> "\-S:19" 11:1:S19.2E-1-1079-28007:------S:1910:1959:50:7:R:
>>> 12:5:S19.2E-1-1079-28006:------S:1930:2014:50:6:E:
>>> 13:5:S19.2E-1-1101-28112:------S:2000:2017:50:68:A:
>>> 75:5:S19.2E-1-1101-28109:------S:2000:2010:50:7:K:
>> I tried this with VDR 1.5.13 (AFAICS there was no change regarding VPS
>> recordings in vdr.c since 1.4.7) by programming 4 recordings on 2
>> transponders, all with VPS. I had to increase the VPS margin to have
>> them all within the VPS margin, but the live channel was never
>> switched away.
> What will happen it there was a third VPS recording already running
> on a third transponder?

Then it will need to switch the third card to that transponder.
So far each DVB card can only receive one transponder at a time.

> BTW:
> Meanwhile i did not see that "switching away" again.
>> Does your system have 3 DVB-S cards? You wrote "DVT-S", so I'm
>> wondering if this was just a typo.
> I have 3 FF-DVB-S on one LNB and one DVB-T
> but i found that the 1350Ghz AMD Duron "K7S8XE+" is overlaoded 
> with 3 simlutanions recordings.
> Too i found that channel hopping on 1.4.7 so noticable slower than
> 1.4.3 but that may be a DVB-driver problem too as i run a 2.6
> kernel now which has a known worser memory performance than 2.4.
> Too i see a noticable delay/skew between cursor movement and 
> selection. (i press "down", the cursor left moves 200ms later
> to next line, the higlight right moves approc. 300ms delayed.)
>> Can all your DVB-S cards be tuned independent of each other?
>> IIRC you're using the "lnb sharing" patch, which might interfere here.
> Ooops.. does VPS (now) cause channel switching as EGP scan?

In order to do VPS, VDR needs to tune to the transponder it shall
record from some time before the actual recording starts, in order
to "see" the "running status". This time frame can be adjusted with
the "Setup/Recording/VPS margin" parameter.

> That would not be good because i currently use the unpatched

If you don't want VDR to switch to the transponder before the
official start time, you can set "VPS margin" to 0. However,
you might miss the beginning of the show then, because sometimes
they do start a little early, too.


> orginal debian/elchi package because "baking" patches under debian 
> is not very easy to automate.
> (OK, on vertical are only the garbage programs like RTL+ which do not
> support VPS and are not worth recording)
> Rainer

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