Hello everyone,

just a short hint on mlist's new version:

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2008-03-02: Version 0.0.5

- Modified support for gettext (VDR >= 1.5.8)
- Rearranged targets in the makefile
- Modified cPluginMlist::SVDRPCommand() to avoid compiler complaint
  "error: conversion from `cString' to `bool' is ambiguous"
- added italian translation (provided by Diego)
- removed compatibility for old VDR versions (i18n-handling, UTF8-handling)
  This is in preparation for a stable plugin release 1.0.0 for VDR 1.6. Please
  report release-critical bugs as soon as possible. Further, translation
  contributions (.po-files) are appreciated.

Download from: http://joachim-wilke.de/vdr-mlist.htm
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