Lauri Tischler a écrit :
> Niko Mikkila wrote:
>>> A last question, with DVB-S, I'm needing two cards if I want to see two 
>>> different channels because the channels could be on differents 
>>> transponders. But is it true with DVB-T ? In others words: if I want to 
>>> see 3 differents channels, do I really need 3 DVB-T tuners ?
>> Basically the same rule applies. You'll need as many tuners as there are
>> different transponders that you want to receive simultaneously. For
>> example, if there are four transponders, but all the channels that you
>> commonly watch are on two of them, you'll only need two tuners (even if
>> you wathed 10 channels from those two transponders simultaneously).
> In DVB-T the 'transponders' are usually called 'bouquets',
> with one DVB-T card you can receive/records all channels on that
> bouquet.

Thank you to you two for your informations.


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