Steve napsal(a):
> Hi list,
> Slightly off topic here, but as there are quite a few users of
> xineliboutput on this list, I'm hoping for a clue
> I seem to have an odd problem with my freshly rebuilt VDR system now
> using xineliboutput to obtain DVI output from an Nvidia MX440 card -
> watching DVDs with the including  mediaplayer, the DVD subtitles are
> always present (and seem to default to Dutch for some reason).
> There's no keyboard attached and I've tried all the obvious things from
> the remote control, and check the Xine config file, and
> config-xineliboutput but can't seem to find any option to turn off
> subtitles.
> Any clues?
> Steve

I have the same problem - probably this is bug in xineliboutput. Now is 
xinelibout using subtitle settings from VDR. I have subtitles in VDR 
turned off but xineliboutput contiues with displaying.
I have configured key LIRC.Subtitles in remote.conf and allways after 
start of watching switch subtitles off.


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