I took hr_HR.po from latest VDR rc announcement - vdr-1.5.18, and 
finished the translation, as well as fixed/changed many strings to try 
and make the translation more consistent with all the other FOSS 
translated to Croatian (among others this is also useful 
http://open-tran.eu/). I've been a user of VDR for a long time now and 
felt that at least I can do this to thank all the developers for their 
hard work.

I'm also a translator of several other applications like gajim and comix 
so I have some little experience. I was unable to find POTFILES.in in 
this snapshot, so I trusted that the provided po files are in sync with 
all the strings of the program and I worked directly on the po file 
provided (please advise me of any mistakes).

% msgfmt -v hr_HR.po
322 translated messages.

% msgfmt -v hello/hr_HR.po
6 translated messages.

Tarball is here: 

JID:anrxc|sysphere|org | sysphere.org/~anrxc/

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