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> I demand that Timo Laitinen may or may not have written...
> [snip]
> > Just tackled with this one myself... at least if you used the e-tobi
> > repositories. There was a strange requirement for the library
> > version, I think it was something like libxine => 1.1.12 libxine <<
> > 1.1.13.  
> Highly unlikely.


> > Compilation went well with libxine 1.1.17 and the plugin and the
> > frontends work fine.  
> 1.1.17? Did you get that from... I don't know, probably late next
> year? :-)

Oops, it seems my time machine had a programming glitch... Or,
alternatively, I still haven't learned NOT to trust my memory... So,
actually looking at it, it had Build-Depends

libxine-dev (<< 1.1.3), libxine-dev (>= 1.1.2)

, I removed all version requirements, compiled it against libxine
1.1.7. (in Ubuntu Gutsy) But, still, it works, although not perfectly
(rapid motion, such as news tickers, are jumpy with xxmc on openchrome
when HW acceleration is on, not sure why)

> That *is* the general form, though, and it's to do with the name of
> xine-lib's plugins directory and how the plugin build scripts get the
> directory name. 

So (wrote he hoping), would things get better (regarding my quality
problems) if I changed to 1.1.2? or to 1.1.11? Or is it just so that if
it works at all, it's ok?

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