Seppo Ingalsuo schrieb:
> Here is something about my HTPC setup, hopefully  gives  some help or 
> food for thought to set up your system
>> To go back to the subject, gdm and kdm allow you to autologon an
>> user. The next step would be to run vdr from .xsession for ex.
> For gdm, add these lines to gdm.conf to login vdr automatically
> AutomaticLoginEnable=true
> AutomaticLogin=vdr
> I'm using vdr (sxfe frontend from xinelibout plugin, xine plugin can be 
> used identically) from Matchbox window manager. It provides user 
> experience kind between set top box and normal Linux desktop. All 
> applications are full-screen and all wm operations are possible from 
> keyboard that can be mapped to be controlled from lirc with irxevent. In 
> addition to vdr it's nice to run e.g. Google Earth for couch traveling 
> or Gcompris for kids. Those require a RF keyboard/mouse joystick for 
> controls.

Sounds better than sxfe only without login

Regarding Fullfeatured card if i would have a LCD/TFT TV and would start 
now with vdr i would think hard about which way to go :)

Yours with the added value, possibility to run emulators, games 
etc       or             having unproblematic and superb picture quality 
with the TT FF card (which got cheaper lately btw) (no hassle with 
Guess this depends on the main use of the box - and if you want to go 
for hdtv ....

Matchbox looks really interesting ! Looks like even a OnScreen Keyboard 
is included :) Why did i never heard about it before ?



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