I'm having a problem with ExtRecMenu 1.1 on vdr 1.5.15, using a
CIFS-mounted disk. When trying to rename e recording, in this case
"Uutisvuoto" to "utisvuoto" (just to test), I get error 

"ERROR: Rename/Move failed"

Looking at the disk, the directory "/data/varasto/vdr/utisvuoto" is
created (and not removed), but the .rec -directory is not. Here's what
the log says (with --verbose=3):

Apr  5 22:23:06 attic vdr: [17840] creating directory  
Apr  5 22:23:06 attic vdr: [17840] creating directory 
Apr  5 22:23:07 attic vdr: [17840] [extrecmenu] moving 
             to /data/varasto/vdr/utisvuoto/2008-04-
Apr  5 22:23:07 attic vdr: [17840] ERROR: Rename/Move failed! 
Apr  5 22:23:09 attic vdr: [17840] [extrecmenu] MoveRename() - rename()
             - Resource temporarily unavailable

The disk is mounted with 


//aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/share /data/varasto cifs (credential stuff removed)
             uid=109,gid=29,file_mode=0664,dir_mode=0775 0 0

(not that the file_mode or dir_mode actually do anything, I just
haven't got around to remove them...)

Playing around with it a bit, it seems that 


I found near around tools.c:110 doesn't work with CIFS, if the
"dir2/subdir" exists (although my 2-liner test program gives
"Permission denied", even when running as root, instead of the
"Resource temporarily unavailable"). With ext3 the test program works

I'm not sure whose problem it is, maybe a bug for CIFS, or maybe the
standard behaviour for "rename" isn't clear (I couldn't find a
documentation for it, BTW), but, in any case, it doesn't work.

My test program works if the destination directory doesn't have the
last subdir created. Would it be possible to make extrecmenu work in
that way? Or should I/we/someone else/their uncle complain to the CIFS

The version of the smbfs packet from which the mount.cifs comes is
3.0.26a-1ubuntu2.3, and the distribution... er... ubuntu... (gutsy).

Best Regards,



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