Hi there,

streamdev-0.3.4 is finally available from http://streamdev.vdr-developer.org.
It marks the end of the 0.3.x series. As such, it still contains lots of
unused and legacy code. There has been a major cleanup in the meantime. Watch
out for the upcoming releases 0.4.0 (for VDR 1.4.0 - 1.5.8) and 0.5.0 (for VDR
> 1.5.9). Most of it has already been commited to CVS. Note that a branch has
been opened for the 0.4 series.

Special thanks go to:
- Sascha Volkenandt, the original author of streamdev
- Rolf Ahrenberg for many suggestions, patches and for helping a lot to
prepare the upcoming releases
- Petri Hintukainen for contributing the section streaming parts. Great work!
- all the others on the CONTRIBUTORS list ;)

Please check http://streamdev.vdr-developer.org for information on new
features. Additional information can be found in the README file and the


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