En/na Peter Evertz ha escrit:

> I am very interested in this feature. My providers (astra/hotbird) are 
> smart enough not to send not to much garbage, but deleting of unused 
> channels is really a pain. I am at 4500 Channels in my channels.conf and 
> I am pretty sure that at least 30 % of them are long gone.

Beware, though, that there are providers that don't advertise channels 
in the sdt even if the channels are currently broadcasting.
In the actuator plugin I have an option to prefix a '+' to all channels 
in the current satellite, then you start a channel scan which will 
update all active channels (i.e removing the '+').
At the end of the scan you can tell it to delete all channels marked 
with '+'.
It's clumsier but it's safer, since you can revise the channels that are 
going to be deleted before actually deleting them.
Of course all of this wouldn't be necessary if all broadcasters 
respected the standards....


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