On Thursday 10 Apr 2008, Peter Evertz wrote:
> ua0lnj schrieb:

> > And other feature, this is deleting absent channels. If provider was
> > deleted channels, you need delete it from channels.conf manually.
> > After this patch, vdr auto deleting channels, which not present on
> > transponder in sdt. Need select "delete absent channels" in dvb
> > settings menu, but if you selected channels update or transponder
> > update.
> I am very interested in this feature. My providers (astra/hotbird) are
> smart enough not to send not to much garbage, but deleting of unused
> channels is really a pain. I am at 4500 Channels in my channels.conf and
> I am pretty sure that at least 30 % of them are long gone.
> Is it possible to have that feature seperated ?
> @kls ... and include it in the mainline ?

VDRadmin (and maybe other applications) uses the line number in 
channels.conf to decide whether to display a channel. Deleting defunct 
channels would mess this up.

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