On 04/11/08 22:51, Arthur Konovalov wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Since cCamSlot::Reset() is the only place where resetTime is set to
>> a non-zero value, and you had lines like "resetTime1: 1207548401" in
>> your syslog_1 file, apparently the tc[i]->Process() call in
>> cCamSlot::Process() must have failed.
> Yes, reset came from this procedure.
> I added some printouts (look at attached diff).
> How to see reason why this Reset() is called?

The tc[i]->Process() call failed.

Further debug info could be gathered by adding output at the "return false"
lines in cCiTransportConnection::Process().

Well, actually it's only one place there where false is returned,
and that's when the "alive" timer times out, which is apparently
after the 2 seconds between the resets you're observing, see

#define TC_ALIVE_TIMEOUT 2000

One possible test would be to increase this time and see whether
this increases the distance between resets - or makes them go away
at all.

Depending on the result of this test we'll see how to continue.


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