On Saturday 12 April 2008, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Apr 2008, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> > After figuring out how to access the subtitles menu (my remote.conf was
> > from 1.4.x series so there was no button binding for it), yes, I do see
> > an entry named "57" there.  Selecting it gives me the Finnish subtitles I
> > was looking for.  Thanks for the tip.
> You could also map "57" to "fin" in info.vdr of all those old recordings
> and afterwards VDR automatically selects subtitles according to
> preferred languages.

I tried to do that, but did not succeed so far.

The old recordings I tried this with had no "X" lines in info.vdr, but they do 
have this selectable "57" entry in the subtitles menu.  New recordings from 
the same channel (MTV3 Scifi) have both "X 3 03 fin " and "X 3 03 sve " 
there, and Finnish subtitles do show up automatically when replaying these.

So I tried "X 3 03 fin ", "X 3 57 fin ", and "X 57 03 fin " in the old 
recordings' info.vdr but that did not seem have any effect.  Tried also 
touching .update and restarting VDR in between, as well as replacing 57 with 
39 and 87 (just in case there would have been a dec<->hex conversion 
somewhere).  "SubtitleLanguages = fin 57" hack in setup.conf didn't help 
either.  Did I miss something?

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