We (me and my friend from the States) have the following problem. My 
friend wants to watch tv programs from Europe, which I stream to him. 
Because my upload is not too big (about 0.5 megabits) we used 
externremux script together with stream-device plugin for vdr to encode 
stream with h264 codec and after that stream it into internet. I have to 
say that my friend was impressed, quality was really nice. Now we want 
more  :-)  It is so inconvenient to use web-interface for switching 
channels, search EPG etc.  And here is our question: is it possible to 
use vdr-stream plugin to stream from one VDR (server) to another VDR( 
client) h264 encoded stream in the same way as it is implemented in
VDR-2-VDR with mpeg2? I mean with remote menu, epg searching, switching 



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