On Tue, 29 Apr 2008 15:23:58 +0200, YUP wrote
> is it possible to use vdr-stream plugin to stream from one 
> VDR (server) to another VDR( client) h264 encoded stream in the same 
> way as it is implemented in VDR-2-VDR with mpeg2?

Some time ago the VTP part of streamdev-server has been extended to support
extern remux. The streamdev-client could select externremux by issuing a "CAPS
EXTERN" instead of the standard "CAPS TSPIDS" (you will need to modify the
source). Of course the client VDR needs to support h264 - patches are
available - and externremux has to emit an h264 TS stream. That's the theory.
Your mileage may vary. Probably noone even tried the CAPS EXTERN part.

Good luck ;)

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