since the upgrade to VDR version 1.6.0 the entire system will randomly 
freeze when using multiple instances of VDR. This issue could be 
reproduced by using the commandline switch -D to specify the DVB devices.

Unfortunately there are no logs which could identify the problem .. it 
only freezes.

* vdr = "-D 0 -D 1"
* vdrdevel = "-D 2 -D 3"

I am running the very latest version from e-tobi (multipatch). vdrdevel 
is the same version as vdr, but repacked by using the buildpackage 
option SPECIAL_VDR_SUFFIX=devel. Using the older 1.5.13 setup with the 
same hardware (4x cinergy c ~ mantis) is working like charm.

I don't think it is a driver / module problem, because running a single 
VDR instance with all devices attached to it won't crash. But when 
starting one instance which is only using two devices, the system will 
freeze .. even if there's no other vdr process running.


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