here's the next release of epgsearch:

2008-04-29: Version 0.9.24
- support for vdr-1.6.x/1.7.x
- speedup in searching and search timer updates (about 25%)
- speedup in EPG menues, thanks to patch authors from http://www.open7x0.org
- support for VDRSymbols font (activate it with 'WarEagle=1' in 
- the EPG command 'Search in recordings' now evaluates the info.vdr 
instead of the
  recordings path name and also does fuzzy searching, suggested by 
- search timers with action 'switch only' and switch timers now have an 
  option 'unmute sound' which unmutes audio at the event, if it was off, 
  by Michael Brückner
- the timer update notification mails supports now an additional variable
  %timer.modreason%, that holds the reason for a timer update in plain 
text (see
  epgsearchupdmail(-html).templ for a sample)
- support for a conf.d mechanism (s. MANUAL -> 14. The conf.d 
subdirectory), suggested
  by Mike Constabel.
- new SVDRP command 'LSCC' that returns the results of a timer conflict
  check. See the MANUAL for details about the format of the result list.
- new patch against VDR (vdr-1.5.17-progressbar-support-0.0.1.diff) that 
adds support
  for graphical progressbars in skins classic and st:tng, thanks to 
- '0' in the menu of done recordings now toggles the display of the 
episode name only
- the favorites menu can now also be displayed after 'Overview - Now' 
via setup,
  suggested by Bittor Corl
- menu of recordings done now sorts the date top down
- support for new info key behaviour in vdr-1.5.13
- changes for builtin graphtft-patch (when using VDR-extension-patch you 
need > v.37)
- updated the timercmd-patch for vdr-1.5.12 
- added patches/README.patches to describe the existing patches
- update of 'undoneepgsearch.sh', a script to remove recordings from the 
done file via
  reccmds.conf, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- update of finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
- full spanish translation, many thanks to agusmir, dragondefuego, 
GenaroL, lopezm and
  nachofr from todopvr.com, and especially to bittor
- update of italian translation, thanks to Diego from 
- update of dutch translation, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- the setup option "No announcements when replaying" is now ignored, if 
the search timer
  update was triggered manually, suggested by Andreas Mair.

- shifting the time display: the start time now only gets displayed in
  'Overview - Now' instead of a progressbar, if there's not already a 
start time
  in the menu template ('%time%') as in the default template,
  thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting
- fixed some issues regarding GPL, thanks to Thomas Günther for reporting
- fixed a crash when no EPG is present, thanks to Petri Helin for 
providing a patch
- the default value for maximum duration is now '23:59' to avoid 
problems with
  external tools, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting 
(bug-id #371)
- after an EPG change of less then 10 minutes epgsearch modified a timer 
instead of
  creating a new one. This caused problems with events with less then 10 
minutes. The
  tolerance is therefore now min(<event duration>, 10 min). Thanks to 
Janne Liimatainen
  for reporting.
- fixed some translations, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting
- speed improvement when scrolling through EPG menus, thanks to 
- fixed a crash, when SIGINT is signaled while background threads startup
- channel group separators in 'Overview Now/Next/...' are now hidden if 
they are
  empty like in ':@30', thanks to Ulf Kiener for providing a patch
- fixed a crash in the setup of the addon plugins when VDR is patched 
with the ext-patch
  and active LIEMIKUUTIO
- 'avoid repeats' combined with 'pause on ... recordings' created to 
less timers, thanks
  to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for reporting
- fixed some compiler warnings with g++ 4.3
- fine-tuning fuzzy matching of descriptions, thanks to Alf Fahland for 
providing a patch
- fixed a problem with pipes in the pattern of blacklists, thanks to 
Andreas Mair for
- fixed labeling the green/yellow color keys after toggling the keys in 
menu 'Schedule',
  thanks to Andreas Mair for reporting.
- fixed evaluation of compiler flags like WITHOUT_EPGSEARCHONLY,...


Have fun!


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