A new stable version of LIVE plugin has been released: Version 0.2.0

While the CVS versions of LIVE were quite stable, this release shall mark a 
stable base for the various VDR and Linux distributions.

From the homepage http://live.vdr-developer.org/

“LIVE, the LIVE Interactive VDR Environment, allows a comfortable operation    
of VDR and some of its plugins trough a web interface. 
Unlike external programs, which communicate with VDR and its plugins through 
the SVDRP interface, LIVE has direct access to the internal data structures 
of VDR. This makes LIVE very fast.”

This version is compatible with VDR 1.4.3 up to current stable VDR 1.6.0. 

The English (original strings), German and Finnish (extra thanks to Rolf 
Ahrenberg) translations are complete. Other languages still lack some 
strings. If we get patches based on this release for these languages we will 
release patch releases (eg. 0.2.x) with the translations applied.

The LIVE development team thanks the contributors that helped to make the 
enhancements since the last release.

You can download the source code from:

Please report bugs and new features wishes to the bug tracker:

The LIVE development team

Dieter Hametner                    dh (plus) vdr (at) gekrumbel (dot) de
LIVE plugin developer              http://live.vdr-developer.org

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