> Hi,
> I'm using vdr-1.6 and xineliboutput from cvs.
> I'm using it with freevo and vdr is controlled through
> xine-ui/vdr-sxfe by stdin.
> For instance I send "hitk Up" to vdr-sxfe or "EventUp" to xine-ui.
> Every so often when i change between channels xine-ui/vdr-sxfe stops
> displaying video+osd. I have to quit it and start it again. (but
> commands are still sent to vdr, if i press "up" 2 times while
> xine-ui/vdr-sxfe has stopped displaying anything, I can see vdr
> receiving the "up" events)
> I haven't tried to reverse patches, or to reproduce it without using stdin
> (--stdctl/--slave).
> Before I do so, I'm just asking if anybody has encountered this issue
> already.
> Cheers.

For a temporary solution you could revert file xine_input_vdr.c to 
version 1.127:

cvs update -C -r 1.127 xine_input_vdr.c

It has been reported to cure the kind of behaviour you have been 


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