> Pertti Kosunen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> but vdr-sxfe wasn't recompiled. it seems there's no dependency to
>>> xine_input_vdr.c
>> You may have to run "make clean-plugins".
> what I meant is that it does not seem vdr-sxfe depends on
> xine_input_vdr.c
> And the modification made to xine_input_vdr.c won't affect vdr-sxfe.
> And it can be verified by removing xine_input_vdr.{c,o} vdr-sxfe and
> running make vdr-sxfe

It will affect in a sense since xine_input_vdr.c is used when building 
xineplug_inp_xvdr.so (the xine VDR input plugin) which in turn is used 
whether you use vdr-sxfe or xine-ui. So, the important thing is to 
replace the xine plugin after recompile, which is done by make install.

Are you saying that you still see the same behaviour when using 
vdr-sxfe? Even if you recompile and replace the xine plugin?


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