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> However, since the German ARD channels are going to start broadcasting
> the standard AC3 component descriptor some time next week, I'm
> publishing the attached patch that implements this in VDR 1.7.0.
> From what I have been told, Premiere was the first provider that
> actually broadcasted AC3 audio, and they chose not to use the
> standard stream content value of '4'  ("AC-3 audio"), but instead
> used stream content value '2' with component type '5' ("MPEG-1 Layer
> 2 audio, surround sound"). And since they "certify" all their receivers,
> this wrong decision was quickly adopted by other broadcasters, and
> became a "pseudo standard".
> Note that this patch is not necessary to receive AC-3 audio on the
> ARD channels. They will still be broadcasting the old descriptors
> in parallel with the new ones for about a year, so existing VDRs will
> work just fine. This is just to let people who like to test this
> actually do so.
> The channel
> MEHRKANALTEST;ARD:12421:hC34M2O0S0:S19.2E:27500:0:2001=deu;2002=deu:0:0:28397:1:1201:0
> already broadcasts the new AC3 descriptor and can be used for testing
> (no video, just audio test tones).


AC3 was working fine for me with xine and my DD receiver BEFORE this
patch, I don't get AC3 with it now...
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