> Thanks for all the answers regarding my questions.
> So far I can understand my hardware is not adapted to what I want to do.
> I will proceed to the following :
> - Install 2 twin lnb's
> - Install 2 disecq switches.
> - Is diseqc switch 1 ok ? or do i need diseqc 2.0
> As explain I have 1 FF card and one S2-3200. On one of my dishes I also
> have a rotor.
> - Can I still use it ? Is there already a valid rotor plugin for 1.7.0 ?
> My target is to achieve to be able to look on one TV on the output of the
> FF card, and on a other TV on a other broadcasting on a vdr-to-vdr client.
> I assume thats possible with that configuration ?
> Can I record a third broadcasting ? (concurrent recording)
> Can I look at a third broadcasting on a second vdr-to-vdr or http client ?
> Even if I don't need HD, do I need to use 1.7.0 version with my S2-3200 ?
> thanks,
> sp
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In the end, if you dont use the LNB Sharing patch (I think it was), the
solution from the VDR point of view is very simple. I hope I get this correct.

To watch or record 2 programs, on two different transponders, you need two 
tuners and therefore 2 input lines.
Same for 3,4,5 and 6 programs etc. etc.

You just need to ensure, outside of VDR, that each line (coax) going to VDR can
transport every transponder, and that at the same time.

If, two or more programs are on the same transponder, then a single tuner can 
see them all.

I think a FF card can "process" 3 streams on the same transponder without 
I don't know if "process" differentiates between live-viewing and recording a 
I think the nettlebock (bottleneck) is on the PCI bus.

"Third broadcasting" will therefore depend on whether that channel is on one of 
the transponders
you are already tuned to with your two cards.

Will the TS mods that Klaus is currently working on mean that the full stream of
the transponder can be recorded? Or will the HW full-TS mod still be needed?

Cheers Brian

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