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> What version of dvd plugin you are using?

filename is:  dvd-0.3.6-b04.tar.bz2

in dvd.h:  static const char *VERSION        = "0.3.6-b03";

It appears the most recent changes were made Aug. 12, 2007.

and the top of the HISTORY file is:

VDR Plugin 'dvd' Revision History

    - fix possible segfault's (thanks to Ioannis Petroglou)
    - add Turkish translation (thanks to Oktay Yolge�en)
    - add kNext and kPrev keys
    - changes for vdr-1.5.0
    - changes for vdr-1.3.47
    - fix pcm audiotrackhandling in audiomenu
    - add Slovenian translation (thanks to Matjaz Thaler)
    - add Greek translation (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos)
    - add Czech translation (thanks to Vladim�r B�rta)
    - add Estonian translation (thanks to Arthur Konovalov)
    - updated the Dutch OSD texts (thanks to Maarten Wisse).
    - updated Spanish OSD texts (thanks to Jesus Bravo Alvarez)
    - add Danish translation (thanks to Mogens Elneff)
    - add polish translation (thanks to Jaroslaw Swierczynski)
    - changes for vdr-1.3.42
    - add russian language (thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov)
    - changes for vdr-1.3.38
    - fix memleak in SetAspectString
    - add workaround for lcdproc-crashing (thanks to Joachim Wilke)
    - change SetVideoDisplayFormat to DeviceSetVideoDisplayFormat
    - fix error in i18.c (thanks to Ville Skytt�)

2005-04-16 Version 0.3.6-b03
    - add finnish translation (thanks to Ville Skytt�)
    - fix error in picturetype detection to save still iframes
    - fix highlight in letterbox and pan&scan mode (need patch
vdr-1.3.23-dvbspu.c.diff works also on vdr-1.3.22)
    - fix highlight button when button == 0
    - change menu detection (test)
    - use DeviceClrAvailableTracks/DeviceSetCurrentAudioTrack from vdr
    - only set possible subtitles
    - fix subtitlehandling in replay display
    - fix aspectratio in pan and scan mode
    - fix stillpicture in menu
    - fix allways showed subtitles
    - fix audiotrackcount and audiolanguage in progress display
    - add mpeg2 audio language

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