Hanno Zulla wrote:

> are there known users of vdr within TV or radio operators?
> There was a claim that some TV stations use vdr to archive their
> broadcast stream and another that vdr is used by cable companies as part
> of their infrastructure.
> Are there any references / citations for this?

Tobias Grimm (e-tobi.net) wrote that in the latest c't (13/2008, p.
187). He says that some TV stations use VDR to save their program for 90
days. Apparently they are required by German (?) law to do this. He also
mentions xeatre.tv, a system which is based on VDR. On
<http://www.xeatre.tv/cms/index.php?page=referenzen> you can see some of
their clients, including one TV station and two production companies.


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