Peter Marquardt wrote:
> I don't see any advantages using vdr. Archived material might be used in 
> future productions, so you'll definitely want to record the best signal, 
> you can get. Furthermore, archived material might be needed to reproduce 
> the signal as close as it was, to determine where a distorted signal 
> came from.

There was a lecture on VDR Camp 2008 about xeatre. From what I remember, 
this system targets on-air digital TV archiving, and not just only for a 
broadcasters own channels, but also to monitor concurrent broadcasters, 
or to verify advertising placement (even finds certain ads by itself). 
The VDR backend is just for recording, while the instant access of 
archived broadcasts and live TV is done by web browser and video 
streaming, including automatic splitting to individual broadcasts and 
easy exporting to DVD.



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