JJussi wrote:
> Hi!
> I have vdr-1.7.0 installed and when I tune to that "Nelonen HD" channel, I 
> get 
> very disordered picture and sound.
> And lot's of errors.
> Have anybody here at HTV are managed to get that h264 channel working, if 
> yes, 
> how?  (What I'm missing)
> Full logfile can be found http://jjussi.pp.fi/logs/h264.log 

[h264 @ 0xb791d708]PAFF interlacing is not implemented

This indicates that xine-lib is not using a new enough ffmpeg snapshot
that supports PAFF.

Depending on the version of ffmpeg your distribution provides, adding
--with-external-ffmpeg to xine-lib ./configure line could be enough. I
think PAFF interlacing was added to ffmpeg sometime last year.

Anssi Hannula

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