Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> Unfortunately I don't have Elisa/Saunalahti ADSL.. :(
In DVB-S2 19.2E FTA channel Anixe HD there seems to be some olympics 
going on.


> So, if someone is able to record/dump that stream, please do so :)
I just recorded some horse riding to try with various xine lib versions. 
Send me pm if you'd like to get a clip.

My first try on Ubuntu 8.04 produced

"[h264 @ 0x7faf7a9c7330]PAFF interlacing is not implemented
gxine has suffered a fatal internal error."

Xine-lib 1.2 from mercurial decodes it now but the playback is very 
jerky on Intel E8200 CPU. The result is not much better than on my other 
old AMD Sempron 3100+ based HTPC.


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