Lauri Tischler wrote:
> Hi. What card are you using to get DVB-S2 ?
Technotrend S2-3200.
> CPU power ? Dual-core ? GHz ?
Intel E8200 is a low power dual core 2.66GHz chip. On arte HD (720p50) 
the load for vdr-sxfe (vdr server on other PC) is about 50%.
> I have now AMD X2 4600 and DVB-T YLE HD is a bit jerky, sometimes,
> playing recordings from YLE HD is totally jerky.
> Wondering if getting quad-core 2.6GHz would help any.
Quad core could be good for 1080i stuff based on my 1st experiences ... 
My dual core handles 1080p24 trailers but I suppose not the better 1080p 
formats (and the 1080i case without going for low end deinterlacer such 
as bob).


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