Just a couple of observations on this discussion.. I see that some advocates 
of VDR repository are calling Myth project 'bloated','kitchen sink', 'not 
alternative to VDR'…, but, at the same time, they are pushing VDR project the 
same way, which will virtually transform VDR into sort of Myth-2, because the 
most important advantages of VDR can persist only as long as Klaus has fun, 
hence motivation to continue development of his great project. And he clearly 
stated that collective development way is not appropriate to his own 
development style and his view on how VDR project should be managed.  > Well 
ok, we all expect open source development> to be driven by personal need, but 
it is the combination of code created by> many people who each had their own 
needs which is where the magic lies. Again, why do we need Myth-2 if we already 
have Myth-1 incorporating all the mentioned magic..  > A well maintained 
bazaar-style project is generally> thought to produce much higher quality code. 
Look at the Linux kernel> and compare it to any other operating system. Linux 
kernel development is a good example of the fact that greatness of a project is 
dependant in the first place on the person who leads the project. Importance of 
the chosen tool (community tree, or something else) is in the  second place. 
Collective development via repository, or single coder ruling - this is just a 
tool that the project leaders have fun and convenience to use for their 
projects. A lot of projects use community tree as their tool of development, 
but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee to them so high level of appreciation that 
Linux kernel has, for example..   
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