This sounds like a stupid answer to the above question, but I _might_
have the same problem.

I'm not sure because I rarely watch live TV. The other day, though, I
wasn't able to watch all channels, and I thought there was only one
recording active (I have two DVB-T cards). Wasn't able to check
because baby woke up ;-)

This is with a c't VDR: 1.6.0-6ctvdr2


2008/9/15 Stefan-W. Hahn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hello,
> yesterday I switched my VDR from v1.4.1 to v1.6.0 on a debian system.
> I'm running two DVB-S cards (Nexus FF and Nova). The update was
> without any problem.
> But today I found a problem:
> When recording on one program I can view at the same time just the
> channels of the same bouquet but no other ones (two cards!!).  But
> recording simultaniously on two different bouquets works.
> With v1.4.1 there was no problem in recording one channel and
> switching to all other channels.
> I didn't find any hint on the mailinglist or vdr-portal about this
> problem. Is there any other having the same problem?
> Are there any hints how to solve this problem?
> Stefan
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