Jouni Karvo wrote:
> Petri Helin wrote:
>> really causes VDR to not start also. My aim really was to start some 
>> discussion on whether that should be changed. I myself think that VDR 
>> should start although some plugin fails to start. I'd hate to find out 
>> that some timed recording failed because the lcd display of the PC case 
>> malfunctioned.
> Why not design plugins that start even if some non-fatal error happens?  
> To me it sounds natural that if
> some non-recoverable error happens, the whole program stops.

I regularly use the a constant set of following set of plugins: burn, 
extrecmenu, epgsearch, femon, lcdproc, live, osdteletext, 
skinsoppalusikka, streamdev and xineliboutput. I cannot come up with any 
reason for any plugin besides xineliboutput being critical for my normal 
use. And VDR can run by itself quite well even without xineliboutput. So 
there really is no reason for VDR not to start if any of those plugins 
above fail to start. In fact I am already wondering why plugins are not 


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