VDR User wrote:
> I like that VDR won't load if a plugin failed.  That means there was a
> problem, and I should go fix it.  Also, it's the plugins job to
> continue on non-fatal errors, not VDR.  How would VDR even know whats
> a non-fatal error for a certain plugin?  From VDR's perspective either
> the plugin is working or it's not.

But why should even a fatal error (from plugin's perspective) cause VDR 
to not start? It should only cause the plugin not to be loaded. Of 
course plugins could also implement more intelligent initialization and 
try to deal with possible errors, but isn't it easier to just handle it 
in one place - at the VDR?

If I think of the core VDR, I see its main function as recording 
TV-programmes. From that perspective it's not that big of a problem if 
it doesn't start properly due to a plugin not bevahing properly if I am 
sitting next to the PC and can fix or circumvent the problem. But since 
it will mostly record when I am not sitting next to it, I would prefer 
that it would still record the programme, no matter if all the plugins 


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