I was planning to use my digi tv viewing card with VDR by installing the 
sc-plugin. My understanding this is legal as I would still need to use my 
real viewing card.

The card reader I have seems to support the CCID interface, therefore I 
found the tools needed for communication from 

I installed the pcscd daemon that in my understanding uses libusb for 
communincating with the smart card. After that the pcsc_scan was able to 
printout correct info from my card.

I though that it would mean that I could connect the card to VDR by using 
the sc plugin, but I was wrong as sc plugin seems to only support smart 
cards that has serial port or serial port over usb support, like phoenix 
card readers.

So I think there would be 3 options

1) Install newcs daemon (as it can read also CCID cards.
I want however avoid this as there is no sources available for 

2) Create virtual serial port driver over CCID library

3) Modify smartcard.c from sc plugin to support also the CCID cards.

Has anybody worked with items 2 or 3 earlier?


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