Goga777 wrote:
> I asked in other way 
> is there any fast method (without demux)  for converting the h264 pes records 
> from vdr to any other containers - ts, avi ?

if you ask that way - imho  - NO
demuxing is the minimum when comming from pes and want to convert to ts
remuxing is a very fast process compared with reencoding the whole thing
i produced a avchd (bluray structure on dvd) with HDvdrpes_to_mkv and a
windows toolset (tsMuxerGUI), only thing is the duallayer limit of the dvd

depending of "slim it down a bit", pes has a (small) overhead compared
with ts but its not that much to call it "slim"
realy sliming it would mean removing information
reencoding with lower bitrate or reduced resolution (can be difficult
because 1080i -> 720p is not much smaller and there ist no 720i
there is not much room to make it smaller (and keeping the quality) and
who wants to convert to 576/480 i/p format?

even if vdr records in ts, to get a avchd or bluray disk you will have
to remux the recording

>> I use the solution here :
>> http://www.vdrportal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=73791
>> You can use mpeg_ps_extract to transform the vdr file in separate file .264
>> plus several audio file
>> When extracted, any soft like mencoder can convert them
>> Best regards
>> Le Wednesday 01 October 2008 21:15:59 Jelle De Loecker, vous avez écrit :
>>> Good evening all,
>>> I've got a bunch of old recordings made with VDR, like a 20 GB HD
>>> recording. I'd like to slim it down a bit, but don't really know where
>>> to start.
>>> How do you convert a show recorded on BBC HD to a "more" compact file?
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