> is there any fast method (without demux)  for converting the h264 pes 
> records from vdr to any other containers - ts, avi ?

My workaround is using VDR-STREAMDEV to record H.264 shows directly to
TS-format. It is not 'good' TS as my Popcorn Hour networked media tank
(PCH) usually cannot replay it directly.

I edit it with TS Packet Editor (windows) to cut out commercials and trim
overhead, and as a bonus it also fixes the TS stream to a more compatible 
version which PCH plays right.

Caveat is that if no data is coming from Streamdev, wget is not very 
good on recovering that. Like restarting VDR or similar.

Usually I also convert recorded shows to a more manageable MKV (Matroska)
container. But for this I need demuxing and muxing.

And I run wget from cron, also "killall wget" after show has ended.

Much easier than guide on German forum (*1), but not Linux only solution
as there is no (AFAIK) GUI-tool to fix-TS and cut commercials. But my 
solution is lossless and fast.

One way forward could even be using Streamdev's extern-script to output
via FIFO to some toolset like demux and remux without temp files.


*1: http://www.vdrportal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=73791

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