On Wednesday 08 of October 2008, Josce wrote:
> >Which version of reelbox plugin (i.e. from which svn) are you using? There
> > was some changes (from 8072) regarding sublitles.
> >
> >Did you test it with latest reelbox svn?
> The reelbox-plugin is 8171.
> I can test with a newer svn if you think that will help.
> regards,
> Josce

As I remember there was another problem - with audio/video sync. The sound was 
delayed more and more - I've patched the plugin myself to disable the 
audio/video sync algorithm. But in last versions (I'm now using the 8649 
version) it is ok. So it is maybe second reason of your problem.

You could test if immediately after switching to the channel the sync of 
subtitles is good or significantly better then after some time (1-2 minutes) 
it could be the sync problem.



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