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Subject: Re: [vdr] Problems building xine-lib on openSUSE 11.0 w/ gcc 4.3.1

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> > How did you deduce that, when Darren said that you should upgrade your
> > xine-lib? You might even jump to xine-lib 1.2 which already includes
> > vdr-xine plugin.
> does xine-lib 1.2 include vdr-pligin from Reinchard Nissl ? are you sure ?

Last time I check, xine-lib 1.2 doesn't include the vdr-xine plugin. But, if 
you use 1.2, you don't have to patch xine-lib anymore.

Xine-lib 1.2 now includes the patches for Xine-Lib so that you connect to a VDR 
system which is using the vdr-xine plugin.

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