JJussi wrote:
> Base question/problem is.. Why vdr-xineliboutput don't work with xine 
> settings? (as I stated at start of this thread, with xine I don't have 
> problems with these files... Coping config file to setup_xineliboutput don't 
> solve problem.)

Most likely there is something else wrong. If I understood correctly, 
the problematic file has AC3 sound, but what exactly is it? Dolby 
digital 5.1? Does the same happen with all files containing AC3 sounds? 
Could you try with the samples found on this site (e.g. the 26MB Ambient 
Life): http://www.diatonis.com/downloads_dts_ac3.html

What does your receiver say about the stream it is receiving? Does it 
recognize it as a DD track?


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