On Tuesday, 4. Novemberta 2008 19:41:38 Petri Helin wrote:
> Even for this direct link?

Even direct link..  But I managed to get that other "currents" file..

When I have set # at start of line what defines that passthrough device (--> 
so system uses default value of it), my amp says that sound is "Dolby D Ex".. 
Same what it says for that test.mkv file, BUT with that mkv file it shows 
different speaker configuration.
With this configuration, I can hear music (that currents) but sound from that 
mkv file is just surround sound what comes out from front speakers (and not 
rear speakers)

When I have set passthrough device to spdif, amp thinks that sound is Stereo 
PCM (what explains that digital garbits sound from speakers)

IF I set passthrough device to iec958:CARD=Intel,DEV=0, then result is:
amp don't see any signal  and playback is stopped after 1 second.


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