On Fri, 21 Nov 2008, Goga777 wrote:

> I have installed femon 163 with my vdr 170. There's some remarks concerning 
> of h264 channels
> no any information in CoderateH  (I can see only ---)

The plugin doesn't support multiproto/S2API and therefore channels using 
new coderates like "9/10" are shown as data invalid ("---").

> in BITRATE field I can see only ---(6 Mbit/s)
> FRAME RATE - ---
> Codec - H264

I don't have any access to H.264 (or HE-AAC) streams so support for 
these are more like academic. The bitrate, framerate, and scan type 
aren't parsed at the moment as my blindly written code didn't worked 
right from the start. This particular piece of code was hidden behind 
#if pragmas in femonh264.c, so it would be nice, if someone could take a 
look at it and send be a patch.

> Audio stream #0 ()
> Codec - ---
> Channel Mode - ---
> Bitrate - ---
> Sampling Frequency - ---

This looks also ok. Non-existent audio pid provides no stream 
information. I guess your channel contained only ac3 audio or no audio 
at all.

> If I try to switch channel up/down with OSD femon menu my vdr will hang up

I cannot reproduce this on my setup. Please, use vanilla (or _only_ 
liemikuutio patched) VDR for testing. There 2 active femon users (me 
and my friend), so the testing has been quite light - at least I 
haven't got any bug/success reports from other users. :)


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