I confirm also that femon 163 + vdr 1.7.0 + H264 + multiproto hang when you
change channel while femon is displaying info, happen often when going from H264
to Mpeg2 channels (like simul HD and Simul SD on Astra 19.2)

No problem at all if you close femon before switching channels

I'm happy to see that you have signal strength with S2API, with multiproto plus
on S2-3200 nothing appears (Quality + level = 0) :o(

Best regards

Selon Goga777 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > As I already told you, the femon doesn't support >= vdr-1.7.0 (yet), so
> > does this hang happen also in the latest vdr-1.6.0 series?
> no, with early femon and vdr version I didn't note this vdr hung up

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