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>> Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 17:48:53 +0100 (CET)
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>> Subject: Re: [vdr] MythTV Adds Support For NVIDIA VDPAU
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>> Op Ma, 1 december, 2008 17:31, schreef Magnus Andersson:
>>>> And from my point of view, MythTV is still not as accesible compared too
>>>> for instance Mediaportal or Microsoft MCE. IMHO, the best combo is still
>>>> VDR for DVB viewing in combination with XBMC for multimedia viewing. But
>>>> then again, this is my oppinion :-)
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Niels Wagenaar
>>> I agree. Do you have a working script or a good way to switch between
>>> xbmc and vdr? There are a few threads about this at
>>> http://xbmc.org/forum/ but no good solution. I want to use vdr as I use
>>> it today with fast channelswitching and without http connection to
>>> streamdev plugin.
>> I use VDR in combination with the Reel HDe and XBMC in Xubuntu 8.10. The
>> HDE uses HDMI while XBMC is using the onboard VGA connection. I use two
>> remotes : Hauppauge remote for VDR (/dev/input using Remote plugin) and
>> MCE Remote for XBMC (lirc). Extremely easy to use and to control.
>> If you have a software based output plugin and two remotes, you can use a
>> .lirc in combination with irexec which starts vdr-sxfe or XBMC. I've set
>> this up for a good friend where his MCE Remote has two perticular buttons
>> (LiveTV and DVD) configured for starting two scripts which then starts
>> xine or XBMC. He then uses the MCE Remote (minus the two buttons) for XBMC
>> and his other remote (Hauppauge) with VDR through the Remote plugin and
>> /dev/input location.
>> Oh, and the software based solution has a high WAF according to my friend
> :)

I use one remote for both, I toggle with one button between 3 modes.
mode 1
   vdr-sxfe on Plasma TV and graphttft-fe on TFT in case
mode 2
   xbmc on Plasma TV and graphttft-fe on TFT in case
mode 3
   nothing on Plasma TV and xbmc on TFT in case
I start vdr with --lirc=/dev/null so that it doesn't react on the remote.
Vdr-sxfe ist started with --lirc. Vdr-sxfe is never started the same time
that xmbc is running, so I can use the same remote for both.


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