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> I use one remote for both, I toggle with one button between 3 modes.
> mode 1
>    vdr-sxfe on Plasma TV and graphttft-fe on TFT in case
> mode 2
>    xbmc on Plasma TV and graphttft-fe on TFT in case
> mode 3
>    nothing on Plasma TV and xbmc on TFT in case

I think you use a .lirc configuration in combination with irexec to switch?

> I start vdr with --lirc=/dev/null so that it doesn't react on the remote.
> Vdr-sxfe ist started with --lirc. Vdr-sxfe is never started the same time
> that xmbc is running, so I can use the same remote for both.

This is indeed something I was looking for. Forgot that some options are 
extremely easy to resolve. But I was wondering, what remote do you use yourself 
and did you configure a .lircrc for vdr-sxfe? 

I want to use this configuration for my new HTPC (completely software based 
output) which will use Xine for VDR viewing (vdr-sxfe is somewhat unstable on 
my configuration). And the phrase " One Remote to rule them all" would be great 

> Gerald

Niels Wagenaar

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