On 09.12.2008 16:40, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> Hi,
> the S2API implementation would be a perfect place to integrate my 
> frontend facilities patch in a way or another.
> The patch simply extends the current cDevice API to include some common 
> frontend related statistics (now available only in femon), so that skins 
> and all the other plugins can easily use them. This would simplify the 
> femon plugin and also would enable skin plugins to show for example 
> signal strength, snr, bit error rate, etc., in channel info window.
> Also other input plugins (IPTV, pvrinput, analogtv, ..) could implement 
> these new methods and therefore provide some feasible information for 
> femon (or any other plugin) to show up.
> http://www.saunalahti.fi/~rahrenbe/vdr/patches/vdr-1.6.0-frontend-facilities.patch.gz

I have been thinking about something along that line for quite
a while, and also saw your patch you sent me earlier in a PM.
My actual implementation will most likely be somewhat different,
but should fulfill the same purpose.


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