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> Hello!
> projects.vdr-developer.org is a place for community maintained VDR
> projects. The idea for this was born out of a survey conducted among VDR
> users, where it turned out, that even some VDR plug-ins that haven't been
> updated for years are still very popular.
> The main goal for this is, to be a community effort to continue the
> development of such orphaned VDR plug-ins and give them a new home.
> I started with releasing a the new version 0.6.0 of the OSDTeletext
> plug-in, which now supports the recent VDR version.
> But projects.vdr-developer.org is open to EVERYONE. It offers a Wiki, file
> downloads, a documents section, an issue tracker, a news tracker and a GIT
> repository for each project (via Redmine).
> Read more about this here:
> http://projects.vdr-developer.org
> http://projects.vdr-developer.org/wiki/project-management/Start
> Tobias

Thanks! This is great news! All our - forgotten - favorite plugins
being updated on one place.

BTW, does this mean we're finally going to have a community developed
VDR with all those features everybody asks for? Like... features
*nobody* misses? Features like "I have a FF card, so why the hell
would I want GPU based decoding?" Or "My eHD does it!" Or "No HD
interest here..."

BTW, this all sounds like a Nike commercial.

This is all sarcasm, people. But as soon as XBMC works reasonably well
with DVB, or with a minimal version of VDR, as Goga777 showed on the
link sent above, bye-bye VDR as stand-alone. It's that simple.

By this pace, VDR is death. The "I don't need it!" excuse just doesn't
cut it anymore. And it's really sad. VDR is a *fantastic* peace of

Yeah! I know! Let the flamewars begin (or you can write something constructive).

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