> Hi Tobias
> > The main goal for this is, to be a community effort to continue the
> > development of such orphaned VDR plug-ins and give them a new home.
> Could you start a new project for ttxtsubs-plugin? The patch is huge and
> the original plugin author has abandoned the whole VDR thing as far as
> know. I haven't been keen enough to provide a full changelog for
> modifications (or even to use the plugin!), but I can dig out
> contributors from my mail archives if required.
> Anyway it could be a good idea to rename somehow these community forks
> of plugins in order to differentiate them from the original ones: e.g.
> "osdteletext" -> "osdteletextcm", "ttxtsubs" -> "ttxtsubscm"
> (cm=community maintained).

Tobi asked me as the original author and it's perfectly all right for me to 
have development continued at this place under its normal name. I dont see 
this as a fork. (even more since it was effectively unmaintained by me)


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