I would like to get my STB playing back video streams from streamdev-server.

The stream is transmitted my streamdev using IP-Multicast and can be
played back without any problems with VLC, but the STB has big problems
with the stream. The stream itself is from the ASTRA HD+ demo channel.

In the stream I can see a lot of clear-text messages like:

"Wilde Abenteuer und jede Menge Spaß und Action mit dem Tasmanischen
Teufel" or "Der geht brutal gegen die Rebellen in den Wäldern vor. Bei
ihrer Ankunft trifft Ofelia auf einen mysteriösen Faun"

I does not look like this messages belong to the stream (they do not
look like subtiles or audio-track descriptions).

Could this be some kind of EPG data, or what is this?

When streaming this recording using VLC as streaming server the STB can
playback the stream without any problems, as this messages are removed
by VLC.

I have captured a few seconds of the stream:


Can you help me identifying what this messages are?

Thanks, Artem

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